I have some questions

OK – fire away

How much will this cost me?

It depends on what kind of video you need, what features are required and where your location is. The easiest way for us to figure out the numbers is for you to fill out our questionnaire, and we’ll get back lickity spit (well, within 48 hours) with a price.

I’m a bit shy. I don’t want to appear on my video, or even use my own voice, can someone else do it?

Absolutely. We get it, being on camera can feel uncomfortable. We work with you to make you feel as comfortable as possible however if your really don’t want to be on camera, we can organise professional voice over artists and you can stay behind the camera with us.

How long until I see my video after filming?

Editing video can be a long process. A lot goes on behind the scenes – downloading files, cataloguing footage, editing the content, audio mastering, colour correcting/grading and then uploading. Depending on the size of your production, as a rule, we normally get your video to you within a week.

What happens if I’ve seen my video and I want to make changes?

No problems. As part of the overall price, we offer two rounds of changes. After that, we do charge per hour but we’ll be upfront about costs so there won’t be any hidden surprises.

Do you just do one-off videos, or can you do on-going content?

We would love to work with you regularly. It’s a smart thing to do – a consistent feed of engaging video content will keep your audience connected to your brand. We have all kinds of package options that might suit you.

What if we need to reschedule a shoot?

We know our best laid plans can often unravel, and we get it, it happens, sometimes shoots need to be rescheduled. The good news is if you’re local to Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast area, as long as we have 48-hours notice there won’t be any charge and we’ll just reschedule.

Do you work with agencies?

Of course. We love collaborating with content or marketing agencies.